Sunday, March 12, 2017

Top Toys That Encourage Stem Learning

We have been focusing a lot on Stem toys in our house lately. I want my girls to play and build with all kinds of toys but I especially love Stem toys because they foster so much learning and creativity. Here are five amazing toys for Stem Learning! We were able to try a couple of them out courtesy of Eveleen Joy Toys. 

Building Planks- These building planks are amazing. We have building blocks but for some reason these planks have opened up new levels of creativity in our house. The amount of structures that can be made from these simple blocks is incredible. 

My kids love creating new structures. Right now their favorite game is trying to find new ways to build towers that make them sturdier than the last tower they built. Then they pretend there is an earthquake and shake the board which the built the tower on to see how long it lasts.

 There is something different about these building blocks. There is really no limit to the creativity and design. They can be stacked to make all sorts of models.

This toy develops imagination, creativity, body coordination, spatial thinking and logical thinking, as well as enhancing fine motor skills. 

45 pcs SmartRod Magnetic Discovery with Rooftop- If your kids are anything like mine, they love playing with magnets. There is just something amazing about them. This magnetic set quickly became a favorite toy in our house. My kids love the flowers. There are different sizes of flowers so you can build many different combinations.

My kids love adding stems to make long and tall flowers and building houses and other fun things we these building pieces. We love that the pieces are three dimensional and so different from the other magentic building pieces on the market. There are a lot of magnetic toys but very few that have so many different types of pieces in one set.

46 pcs SmartRod Magnetic Discovery with Ramp - Similar to the SmartRod set above, this one features a ramp. Kids can build magnetic cars and work with force and motion. This kid Includes 22 pcs sticks, 10 pcs balls, 4pairs wheels, 2 pcs cockpit, 2 pcs container, 2 pcs ramp and 4 pcs panels. This one is next on our list to get!

Solar Car Educational Kit- This fun and educational car teaches kids all about solar power in an hands on way. It gives kids experience designed and building working electrical circuits.  The electronics block kit comes with 22 parts, can build 250 different electronic experiments.

Electronic Educational Kit- Kids can learn how an electric motor converts electricity into motion, and how an electric generator converts motion into electricity. Kids will have hands-on experience designing and building models of working electrical circuits. Circuits kits included: Hand, Light, Magnet, Voice, Water, Motor, Touth, Vibration and Temperature controlled, Function: Flash, sound, power, recording. The electronics block kit comes with 53 parts, can build 8000 different electronic experiments. Make kids hands-on experience designing and building models of working electrical circuits

What kind of Stem Toys do your kids like?

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