Tuesday, April 11, 2017

DIY Sonic Screwdriver Pens

For years I have been turning everything I can get my hands on into Sonic Screwdriver or Harry Potter wands, chopsticks, crochet hooks, brushes. You name it, it has gotten the geek treatment. These Sonic Screwdriver Pens are one of my favorites. They are easy to make and the last forever. I have one I have been writing with for at least four years now. I have gifted them to Whovian friends and convinced my daughter to finish her practice spelling test because she could write with a sonic. See? Major awesome all around. 

You will need: 
  • pens 
  • baking clay - I used blue, white, grey and red
  • marbles or glass beads
  • a oven (I use a dedicated toaster oven) 

I used a bunch of hotel pens I had laying around my house. I looked for pens that the ink comes through the writing end of the pen. This makes it so you can add marbles and beads to the other end of the Sonic. 

Roll the clay for the body of the Sonic into a long snake. When I want mixed colors on the body I roll out two long snakes, one of each color. Wrap the two colors around each other and then roll them into a snake again. Roll the snake as thin as you can or you will have excess clay around the pen. Wrap the snake around the pen, smoothing the edges as you go. if you want a smooth surface, or wrap the snake tight, pinching them together if you want a coiled Sonic. 

Add a solid color to the top or the bottom or bottom of the screwdriver in the same way, coiling the clay and then flattening it as you wrap it around the pen. At the top of the pen, keeping coiling passed the top of the pen. Smooth the coil out and and put your marble or glass bead in the top. You can add small rolls of clay over the top of the bead or leave it uncovered.  Make sure to use glass marbles and beads to prevent melting in the oven. 

If you want the sonic to function as a pen, make sure to leave an opening where you can slide the ink back it. If you want it to just be a sonic, you don't have to worry about that part. 

Finish the sonic with small pieces of clay for the buttons and small coils of clay for texture. 

Bake the pens in the oven at 275 for 15 minutes for each 1/4 each thick, or follow the instructions on the packaging of your specific clay. Slide the ink back into the pen and you have an awesome and fun new way to write! 

Who would you make these for? 

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