About Me

Hi, my name is Debra. I am a craftaholic, photographer, writer, chronic reader, baker and Mom. I spend all of my time with my daughters, my camera or my sewing machine.

 My camera goes with me everywhere. My husband refers to it as my third child or my horcrux (because he thinks it is part of my soul.) I worked for years as a photographer at a studio before I struck out on my own and created Joyous Moments Photography.

I have a degree in Journalism from Utah State University where I worked as a photographer and news editor for the Utah Statesman. When I was working on my senior capstone class I was required to create a blog, originally this space was all of my journalism photography work eventually I started posting more and more things for my family and eventually everyone else as well! 

My graphic designer/web programmer husband and I have been married for just over nine years and we have a sassy curly haired seven-year-old, and  a silly, talkative 2-year-old.  We live in the middle of gorgeous Utah, near Salt Lake City, where we love to ski, swim and travel as much as possible. 

Some random things about me:
  • I am a Doctor Who fanatic. My craft room has a Doctor Who theme which includes classic pieces of artwork with the Tardis in them and a waist high Tardis in the corner. Thanks to my best friend Lu, I even have a Doctor Who Christmas Tree. 
  • My camera literally goes EVERY where with me. I have crazy pictures of the most random things. 
  • I don't love chocolate. Peanut Butter on the other hand is the best thing ever discovered. 
  • I am an obsessive reader. I usually read between 100-150 books a year, mostly YA books with a sprinkling of non-fiction and mysteries. 
  • My sassy 7-year-old keeps me on my toes. The funny things she says are part of the daily conversation over on the Housewife Eclectic Facebook Page
That is pretty much me in a nutshell. Welcome to my space, Housewife Eclectic. Feel free to contact me for collaborations Debra at HousewifeEclectic.com  
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