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    Marco-Polo is a pool game that I played when I was growing up and now I watch my grandkids play this same game. My family loves the pool and I’m glad you included pool and sun safety rules. Looks like your family is enjoying your pool – cute pics!

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    No running is the number one rule when it comes to the pool. A few summers ago we saw a little kid slip and hurt themselves badly enough to require stitches and that was all it took to help this warning sink in with my kids. Great tips.

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    Caress the moonlight is there a lot of water and less I am in the backyard with them. My kiddo is a little bit older now and he does know how to swim but he will never be in the pool without an adult present. I never thought about the snacks that I bring out but you are right they should be eating healthier snacks.

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    It is so important to stay hydrated when you are in the sun, I think sometimes if you are at home and just popping in and out you can forget that you need to take the same precautions as at any other time.

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    This is all such important information. We have a pool and my kids learned to swim when they were little, but I still make sure I am around when they are in the pool. No one swims alone (except me) and everyone abides by my pool rules.

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    Those yogurt “mix ins” bring be back to the days where I used to eat Yogurt with granola packages attached to the top. SO SO SO GOOD!! Wow, I am reminiscing right now!

  7. Pam Wattenbarger says

    Summer is great, but it is so important to stay safe in the sun and heat. You need to stay hydrated and practice water safety.

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    Protecting our skin from the harmful sun rays is SO important and I just wonder why some people do not “get it”. Also hydration I am forever preaching about getting enough water! Funny I also just picked up some of the Yoplait mix in’s! Like yesterday! I am going to go try one now.

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    I want to get a home with a backyard pool but it also terrifies me that at the slightest turn of the head, my youngest could fall in. Poolside snacks are a great thing, We usually stick with a lot of fruit and veggie trays. Those Min-Ins look tasty though too!

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    Where I’m from, water activities, games, and accessories are on clearance since the weather is cooling down. We still take advantage of pool time nonetheless! It is so important to stay safe in the pool!

  11. Claudia Krusch says

    Water safety is so important to teach our kids. I think all kids should have swimming lessons. Yoplait Yogurt Mix-Ins have become very popular in my house. Very Berry Crisp is my favorite.

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    My kids are on swim team and we are at the pool all the time. While we don’t have our own backyard pool, it would be awesome if we had one! And these Yoplait yogurts are awesome. We tried them and I love the different flavors.

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    I am someone who can’t swim to save my own life so often I am far away from the water but loved these water safety tips and fun games to be had in the backyard

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    Great post, we should teach our kids to stay safe, water safety is important but we should also take care of our skin. Summer is great and it is important to stay safe in the sun and heat. Informative post really I like this post.

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    I wish we have a backyard pool, it would be fun! These are some great tips not only for those with pools but for all parents who take their kids to any swimming pool or beach. My daughter would love the yogurt!

  16. adriana says

    These are such great safety tips! That is always #1! Those Yoplait snacks sound amazing – I LOVE snacking by the pool or at the beach! I have to check them out! Yum!

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