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Almond Butter

A walk through on how to make your own one-ingredient almond butter. That’s right — ONE ingredient!
Course: Snack
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  • 1 lb. almonds
  • The Nutramilk


  • The Nutramilk comes apart into several pieces. Each of these pieces is what allows The Nutramilk to make perfect butter without tamping or much effort at all on your part. Just put the machine together, add your nuts and turn it on.
  • The large main container has a second container that fits into it. This second container has 100 grade mesh on it that filters out large particles and pulp.
  • Lock the large container into place onto the base, add the second container with the mesh and then place the blade in place.
  • That’s it! Pour your nuts into the machine, then place the lid with the black arms down into the machine, turn it on, and and set your timer. There is no soaking beforehand and no straining afterward. You can make nut butter easily whenever you want it. For this almond butter, I used raw almonds on the nut setting for 13 minutes.