Quidditch Tabletop Dice Game

You may not be able to fly on a broomstick, but you can still play Quidditch with this fun and easy free printable Quidditch Dice game.
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Game Setup

  • Each player adds their Game Board Position Markers to the game board in an alternating pattern.
  • Roll one dice to see who goes first (away team). The person who rolls the highest number goes first.
  • Use one Quaffle piece to play the game. This piece serves as the marker to show how a player has advanced across the pitch and into scoring position.

Starting the Game

  • Start the game with the Quaffle positioned on one of the far ends of the game board next to the hoops.
  • For each turn, roll both dice. Use the scoring reference guide to see what the resulting roll means. For each dice roll, you always read the lowest number first.

Advancing the Quaffle

  • To score, a player must roll the dice and advance the Quaffle to the position marker furthest from their starting hoops. This generally takes three successful pass rolls (although there is a double pass roll which advances the Quaffle two places).
  • Similar to football, when it's your turn, you continue to advance the ball across the pitch until you score or there's a turnover. Once you score, it's the other player's turn. If the there's a turnover, it's also the other player's turn.


  • Once the Quaffle is on the final Game Board Position Marker, the player rolls only one die to see the result of the scoring attempt. Reference the shooting section of the scoring guide to determine the result. Any time a player rolls a double, it counts as an instant score, no matter where the Quaffle may be currently positioned.


  • Fouls, interceptions, dropped passes, bludger hits, and missed shots all count as turnovers. When a turnover occurs, the Quaffle stays in the same position on the board, but moves to the other player’s parallel Game Board Position Marker. (Example: If player one is on their first marker and rolls a turnover, player two takes over from that position on their parallel marker, which means they’re immediately in scoring position.)
  • After a successful scoring attempt, the Quaffle is moved to the other player’s starting hoops. Each time a player scores, they move their Score Marker to the appropriate score on the score table below the Quidditch pitch. Each score is worth 10 points.

Catching the Snitch

  • To “catch” the Snitch, a player must roll 6 doubles over the course of the game. To track their progress, each player places a Snitch Marker on the appropriate Snitch catch attempt number in the scoring area.
  • The game ends when a player “catches” the Snitch (rolls 6 doubles) and earns an automatic 150 additional points to their previous score.
  • The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins.


Scoring Guide
1/1 - score
1/2 - pass
1/3 - pass
1/4 - double pass
1/5 - pass
1/6 - interception
2/2 - score
2/3 - pass
2/4 - foul
2/5 - pass
2/6 - pass
3/3 - score
3/4 - dropped pass
3/5 - pass
3/6 - pass
4/4 - score
4/5 - pass
4/6 - bludger
5/5 - score
5/6 - pass
6/6 - score