DIY Witch Brooms

These easy diy witch brooms are perfect for any witch costume or even for a game of Quidditch. Just with a dowel and some tulle you have an amazing broom.
Keyword: Costume, Crafting, DIY, Halloween


  • a 36 inch long wooden dowel
  • 2 yards of black tulle I found this project easier with tulle by the yard rather than on a spool
  • black ribbon
  • brown spray paint
  • scissors
  • hot glue


  • Spray paint the dowel brown. Make sure to spray paint one of the ends as well.
  • Black tulle for diy witch brooms
  • Fold your tulle in half long ways and then in half again, so you have one half yard length that is four layers thick.
  • Hot glue the end of the ribbon to one end of the dowel. Wrap the ribbon around the dowel, adding a dab of hot glue to make it secure every few wraps of the ribbon.
  • Glue one end of the tulle to the dowel, about 1 inch from the bottom. Wrap the tulle around itself, adding a dab of glue with every full wrap of the tulle to secure it. Once the tulle is wrapped all the way around the broomstick. Take a piece of ribbon and wrap it wound the top of the tulle, covering up any mess that may have been made when hot gluing the tulle.
  • Use scissors to make cuts every couple inches around the bottom of the broom and then fluff the tulle until the diy witch brooms looks the way you want it to.