How to make a Hooded Unicorn Blanket

This DIY Hooded Unicorn Blanket is the perfect project for any unicorn lover! Follow this step by step picture tutorial for this unicorn blanket.
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Fabric notes:
Obviously, you can use whatever colors of fleece and fabric you’d like. The white has washed up surprisingly well! I’ve used regular blizzard fleece, anti-pill fleece, and lush fleece; I’d love to try it with luxe fleece or sweatshirt fleece, too. It would be adorable to add the unicorn hood to a blanket of unicorn fleece like this — you can even use a pre-made fleece blanket and add the hood!
If you’re making multiples, you could make 2 blankets from 3.5 yards of white fleece.
You could also make this more cost-effective by using the same fabric to line the hood as you use to make the horn and line the ears.
Budget tip: To make this the most affordable, watch for those golden sales when JoAnn’s 40-50% off fleece matches up with the 20% off entire purchase coupon. Then, you can get as many cuts of fleece as you need without having to do a lot of coupon wrangling.