FROZEN Anna Cloak

An easy sewing project that cost under $10 and will be cherished by your FROZEN loving friend.
Keyword: Fashion, Kids, Sewing


  • Pink Fleece for a 5-year-old like my daughter you will need just over a yard. I bought a yard and a half and had extra.
  • Black Pom-Pom Trim I bought 1.66 yards and just barely had enough
  • Black Lace
  • A scrap of black fleece
  • Clasp for the front of the cloak



  • The long part of Anna’s cape is really just a calf length vest. I used an existing vest of my daughter’s as a pattern for the top. The vest is the same shape as the pattern vest, just cut longer.
  • Fold the vest you are using a guide in half, and lay it on the fold of your fabric folded in half.
  • 2.Trace the vest half onto the fabric. I measured my daughter from the top of the shoulder to the calf and then used that measurement as length guide.
  • Cut a full size vest piece, and then using that as a pattern cut another.
  • Cut the second piece directly in half. This will give you three pieces, one large back piece and two from side pieces.
  • Place the side pieces on either side of the larger back piece, right sides together.
  • Sew the long sides together and then sew the shoulders.
  • Turn the long front edges and of the vest under about a 1/2 an inch and hem, don’t hem the bottom of the vest right now, that will come later.

Circular Cape:

  • For the circular cape, you are going to want to start off with a full circle cape and then trim as necessary. To do this, you will need a circle to base your cape off of, in this case we used a oatmeal container.
  • Draw the circle from the base of the oatmeal container onto the fabric and then using a ruler, mark the amount of inches from your models neck to their elbow. In our case it is 11 inches, 10 inches plus one inch seam allowance, out from the circle in all directions.
  • When you have marks all around your inner circle, connect them to form a full circle and cut out.
  • Slice the circle at one point and cut out the middle circle.
  • Pin one side of the circular cape to the vest, and try it on your model.
  • Drape the cape around the model. The cape should be just shy of a full circle to hang right, so view it on your model and mark where the vest needs to hit at the edge of the vest underneath.
  • Trim off the excess fabric.
  • Turn the front edges of the cape under about a 1/2 an inch and hem, it isn’t necessary to hem the bottom edge of the cape as you will be adding trim.


  • The collar is two long rectangles of fleece that are as long as your neckline is. One rectangle is pink, and one is black.
  • Curve the corners of the rectangles, so that it looks like an upside down, long toboggan.
  • Sew the rectangles, right sides together, on one side and the rounded corners.
  • Clip the rounded corners and then flip right side out.
  • Line up the vest, the circular cape and the collar at front where the clasp will go and pin.
  • Sew onto the neckline of the circular cape with the pink fleece facing the pink fleece with a 3/8ths or smaller seam allowance.
  • Tack down the seam allowance on the inside of the cape to help the collar stand up.


  • Sew the black lace up the front of the vest, turn the raw edges of the lace under on the bottom of the vest and hem with the raw edges of the lace tucked away.
  • Sew the pom-pom trim to the bottom of edge of the circular cape, we used 1.66 yard of black pom-pom trim for width of the circular cape, you will need more or less depending on where you trim the cloak.
  • Add the fastener in front.