turn a boxy adult mens shirt into a gathered peasant style girls dress for playing HousewifeEclectic (5)

Peasant-Style Dress from a Men's T-shirt

Follow this easy sewing tutorial to make a girls peasant-style play dress from a men's t-shirt in under an hour! All you need is a shirt, elastic, and elastic thread.
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  • 1 adult or youth unisex t-shirt size details below
  • 3/8- inch elastic between 16 and 26 inches depending on what size dress you are making
  • elastic thread one 3T shirt-dress will take approximately 11 yards of elastic thread, we discovered, but have some extra on hand just in case
  • regular thread the same color as your shirt
  • fabric marking pen
  • 24 ″ acrylic ruler optional but helpful
  • fabric scissors
  • sewing machine