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Tea Set Altoid Tin Play Set

These different Altoid Tin Play Set are the perfect way for on the go fun. From a fishing game to a doll house there is something for everyone in tiny form.
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  • For the top of the tin — cut a piece of pink felt that is large enough to cover the top of the pink tin and then hot glue it on.
  • For the tea pot — this piece will be the trickiest to cut without a machine. Make sure to add a spout and leave room to cut out the handle with a blade after you cut the rest with scissors. Add a fun design or flower to the center of the pot.
  • For the tea cups — These will be much easier than the teapot to cut. Make sure to cut rounded edges and leave space to cut out the handle.
  • For the Donuts — Super simple! These are just a circle with a smaller circle taken out of the center. Add a squiggly piece of frosting and you are set.