Play House Altoid Tin Play Set

These different Altoid Tin Play Set are the perfect way for on the go fun. From a fishing game to a doll house there is something for everyone in tiny form.
Keyword: DIY, Kids, Toys, Tutorial


  • the mini printables found at the end of this post
  • pictures of your kids printed wallet-sized
  • hot glue
  • a laminator and laminating sheets
  • Altoid Tin Play Set - Doll House


  • Take the wallet-sized pictures of your kids and cut them out as close around your children as you can get. Then cut out the alien play set pieces as well.
  • After you have each of the play sets cut out, laminate them for extra durability and pick one to hot glue to the front of the tin. I picked the living room set because that is what my kids play with the most, but there is also a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or even an alien play set with a space background to choose from.
  • Store all of the little pieces inside when you aren’t playing with them.