Felt Jungle Finger Puppets

Cut these gorgeous Felt Jungle Finger Puppets with the Cricut Maker! The Cricut Maker cuts felt like no machine before it.
Keyword: Crafting, Cricut, DIY, Kids, Toys, Tutorial


  • Gray felt
  • White Felt
  • Pink Felt
  • Tan Felt
  • Orange Felt
  • Dark Brown Felt
  • Light Brown Felt
  • Black Felt
  • Hot glue
  • Cricut Maker
  • Fabric Cutting Mat
  • small google eyes


  • To find these finger puppets, go to Design Space, and click View All next to the feature products on the main page. It will take you to a new page with a drop down menu in the top right corner. Featured projects will be selected but you can change that to Free for Cricut Maker. It will list all of the fun projects you can make for free. This project is the Felt Jungle Finger Puppets.
  • The cutting screen will show you the order of the colors on the left hand side. You can see on the photo below that this project has 16 mats and it starts with the white felt and then moves through the gray and black felt.
  • Place each piece of felt down on the fabric mat in turn and feed it through the machine to cut it.
  • Felt Jungle Finger Puppets - Cut with the Cricut Maker
  • Peel your felt off of the mat, but do not clean the mat. The machine can cut through the fibers that are left over. Put the pieces aside as you cut through the rest of the colors.
  • Felt Jungle Finger Puppets Cut with the Cricut Maker
  • Cut each piece of felt until you have cut all of your color. Run a thin line of glue around the edges and the top of the animals backs, then put the animal front over the back and hold it in place until dry. Assemble the animals using the photo as a guide.
  • Zebra- Glue the Zebra’s face onto the body. Add the black stripes, the feet stripes, the nose and the hair. Then add the google eyes.
  • Lion- Glue the mane onto the body, then the face on top of the mane. Add the two pieces of the nose and the google eyes.
  • Monkey- Add the darker part of the monkey’s face to the body and then glue the light part of the face on top. Add the google eyes.
  • Giraffe- Glue the face on top of the body. Add the nose, the spots and the google eyes.
  • Elephant – Add the pink ears on top of the body, then add the nose on top. Add the google eyes.
  • After your animals are all dry, slide your finger through the bottom of the animal and put on a puppet show!