DIY Pygmy Puffs

Bring a little part of the Wizarding world into your house with these cute and easy DIY Pygmy Puffs. The perfect craft for kids!
Keyword: Crafting, Harry Potter, Kids, Tutorial



  • You can make these puffs in any size you want, as long as you can find a pom-pom big enough. I used 2 inch ones for the body and then based all of the sizes from there.
  • First hot glue your head to the body of your puff. You want to REALLY squeeze these two together.
  • Next add ears and feet. I have found these are really adorable when you use a contrasting shade of the same color, but the same color works too.
  • Snip the front of your Pygmy Puff face, this will give you a flatter surface and make it look more face like. then attach the beads and tiny nose. The round eyes are what really make it look like a puff, so make sure to use beads!