Printable Dino Mat

This mat gives a background for play with small dinosaurs. It is a fantastic electronic free road trip activity!
Keyword: Crafting, Kids, Printable, Toys


  • The printable found at the end of this post
  • A laminator and laminating Sheets I use this one and love it!
  • a binder pouch to keep the dinosaurs in
  • small dinosaurs
  • magnet tape for the back of the play mat
  • cookie sheet to play on I bought mine at the dollar store


  • Print the printable on a sturdy card stock, then laminate for extra durability. Add a couple of strips of magnetic tape to the back of the play mat to keep it from sliding around on the cookie sheet during play. I love magnetic tape because it lays so flat against the play mat.
  • You can use an old cookie sheet, but I found that the cookie sheets at the dollar store are actually the perfect size for regular size piece of paper. I bought a dollar cookie sheet and then spray painted it turquoise, while the paint was still wet, I threw pink glitter on the cookie sheet.
  • You will want small dinosaurs to play with on this mat, I found some at my local dollar store and the grocery store. You probably even already have some laying around your house.