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Wizard Potion Bottles

Using bottles of all different sizes, you can create fun potion bottles for a Harry Potter themed potions class plus free printable labels.
Keyword: Harry Potter, Party, Printable


  • the printables at the end of this post
  • jars of various sizes and shapes
  • Mod Podge
  • a foam brush
  • scissors
  • things to fill your jar with water with food coloring, glitter, toy bugs


  • Find bottles of all different sizes, I found some at the thrift store, some in the dollar spot and some online. Wash and dry them, making sure to remove any labels.
  • Cut out each of the potion labels and coat the back of them with Mod Podge. Place the labels to the front of a bottle and then add a layer of Mod Podge over the top to secure it to the bottle.
  • Fill the bottles with whatever you want! Herbs and leaves would work great in some. Half marbles or marbles look fantastic. Water with a few drops of food coloring mixed in makes a creepy and fun bottle. Black fine glitter also looks like a fantastic magical substance when in a jar.
  • When we set up our full potions classroom I will use black dollar store tablecloths and boxes of different sizes (under the tablecloths) to create different levels for a potions class.