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Simple Pioneer Toy

This is a simple pioneer toy that my mom often made for us because, well, it is simple and it kept us quiet.
Keyword: Crafting, DIY, Toys


  • Large Button
  • Crochet Thread


Make the Game

  • Take a long length of thread, crochet thread works the best.
  • Thread it through both holes, until there is plenty of both cords on BOTH sides of the button.
  • Tie off the string

Play the game

  • Hold the buzzsaw in both hands.
  • You then begin wrapping it over itself.
  • Until it has become tightly wound.
  • You then pull on the edges, which still have your fingers in them, and you see how many times you can get it to wrap and unwrap.
  • It is a simple game but has entertained me many an hour.