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Bathroom Storage Canelabra

Create wonderful bathroom organization for some of your most used items, and don't spend a lot of money on it!
Keyword: DIY, Home Decor, Thrifting


  • a candelabra
  • enough jars for every pedestal
  • knobs
  • oil rubbed bronze spray paint
  • things to fill your jar


  • I began scouring the thrift stores around me for a piece meant for many candles. I found a few I liked, but this one really spoke to me. I brought it home and cleaned it up. I decided I liked the brown enough to not spray paint it, but I would have thrown on a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray painted if it had needed it.
  • The first thing you need to do is bend the spokes meant to hold the candle. Using a pair of pliers, bend them against the metal of the candelabra, this will give you a flat surface to glue your jars.
  • Then you need to decide what kind of container works best for your particular piece. I tried out a bunch of different options until I found one I loved.
  • Hot glue a knob on top of your lid and then spray pain the lid with oil rubbed bronze spray paint, or whatever color you need it to be to match your piece.
  • Fill your jars with your bathroom essentials. I decided I wanted to go with an all white theme in the jars, so I filled them with cotton swabs, make up sponges, bars of white soap, epsom salt and cotton balls.
  • Hot glue the bottom of your jars to the candelabra and then add it to your bathroom for a fantastic statement piece.