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How to spray paint a Christmas tree

Bring a little bit of Christmas into your Halloween decorations with this The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree, with tips on how to make your own.
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  • First of all, there are a LOT of surfaces on a Christmas tree, all of those little crevices and needles means that this will take a lot of spray paint. For my relatively small tree, 6 FT tall and narrow, it took me seven large cans of black spray paint to make the tree look the way I wanted.
  • Start by spreading your tree branches out as much as possible. You want to really fluff them and separate every little limb as much as you can. If you are spraying the kind of tree where the individual branches come out, this will be even easier for you. My tree is the kind that comes apart into just a few sections, so I worked really hard to separate it as much as I could.
  • Start my spraying the tops of your branches
  • When the tree dries, flip it over and spray the bottom. You will probably have to spray the top and the bottom multiple times to get good coverage.


I sprayed the top of one section, waited for it to dry, flipped it over, sprayed the bottom, waited for it to dry and then started over again with the same section until I had great coverage on the tree. Then I repeated for the other sections of the tree.