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Baymax Cake with Homemade Fondant

This Baymax cake is pretty easy to pull together and the homemade fondant is so much fun to make.
Course: Dessert
Keyword: Cake, dessert, Food, Recipe


  • 2 cake mixes and everything needed to make them
  • frosting
  • a bag of marshmallows
  • powdered sugar I used a full bag and a little extra
  • black piping gel
  • rolling pin


  • Bake 2 8-inch cakes and 1 6-inch cake. Allow the cakes to cool completely. If you cake has a dome, slice the dome off with a knife to make the cake level. Place the first layer of the cake upside down on your cake plate and add a layer of frosting.
  • Place the second 8-inch cake on top, upside down (it gives it a cleaner surface to frost) and frost it completely. Frost the 6-inch cake on a separate plate.
  • Prepare the fondant by mircrowaving a bag or marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl for 2 minutes. Add the melted marshmallows to your stand mixer and mix. While mixing, add four tablespoons of water and the bag of powdered sugar one cup at a time until the mixture stiffens. Pull the mixture out and knead it with your hands on a surface covered in powdered sugar. When the fondant has a consistency of a stiff dough, roll the fondant out thin and large enough to cover the cake.
  • Using both of your arms, lay the fondant over the stacked 8-inch cakes.
  • Smooth the fondant down and then trim off the excess.
  • Add the 6-inch frosted cake to the top of the cake and repeat the process. Using the black piping gel add Baymax eyes to the top tier of the cake.