Saturday, May 15, 2010

Letters to my world

Dear Neighbor,
I really like you. You are very nice and a good neighbor, but do you really need to make a comment about my child's binky every time you see us? Did you ever think that maybe there are reasons we still let her have it?
a neighbor that has no intention of taking her child's binky away just because you think it is time.

Dear general populace of the world,
You are all great and wonderful and we love you. However, the timing of our children is not up to you, so please stop asking when we are going to have another one. It freaks my husband out.
a woman that wants more children....eventually.

Dear Weather Forecaster,
It was so rude of you to say that the weather at the beach was going to be wonderful just for us to go and get rained on. Oh well, we had tons of fun anyways.
Someone who is not really that grumpy.
Dear boy who stole my beach bag,
I am glad you have a wonderful mother who made you return it.
It only had beach towels in it anyway.
Dear Child,
I love taking you to the beach because you love it, but when you cry hysterically when we have to leave it makes me not want to go to the beach anymore.
Your mother

Dear Child,
I know you love the water, but walking straight into it with no regard to its depth is not a good idea. Please wait for daddy or me to help you.
a mother that doesn't want her baby drowned
Dear Mac,
Photobooth is definitely one of your redeeming qualities. Good job.
a Photobooth lover

Dear Husband,
Your dirty pants do not go on top of the dresser. I am seriously considering shredding the next pair I find there. Just FYI.
the person who does your laundry
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