Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WotW: Rearrange your house -- virtually!

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My husband is a school teacher, so he's home for the summer. Home a-l-l day. Pudge (my baby boy) and I love having him home, but the summer relaxing is starting to turn into summer stir-crazies for all of us. (We're saving all our pennies for a big family trip/vacation/reunion so we spend a lot of time at home trying to thing of things to do.) Add this to my yard sale love and addiction to new (at least to me) furniture, and, well, we're going to need to do some rearranging this summer to accommodate a few new additions.

Rather than making my husband move the furniture from one side of the room to the other and then back, and then upstairs, and then back downstairs, and then maybe we should just put it back where it was to start with, I'm rearranging our furniture virtually. Pull out your measuring tape (I keep mine in my purse!), and you too can rearrange your house without reconfiguring your husband's vertebrae.

Arrange-a-room by Better Homes and Gardens helps you quickly and easily lay out your room. Just select a room shape, customize the dimensions, and add your furniture. You can also resize the furniture as needed, but resize before rotating to avoid some strange furniture stretching. Once you've arranged the furniture where you want it, you can change each piece's color. Save your room or email it to a friend to preserve your home decor masterpiece.
Account: BHG or Facebook/Google/Yahoo
login and then go to

Floorplanner offers all the same features as BHG's Arrange-a-room, plus more. The free version does contain a few small ads for you to skip, but it is chock full of all the features you can ever dream of! In addition to laying out your furniture, you can create a whole blueprint for your house, from room to room, upstairs and downstairs. There are more furniture options, which is nice but also makes it more of a search to find what you're looking for. You can view your room in the standard 2D (shown above) or in a 3D walk-through.

For both BHG's Arrange-a-room and Floorplanner, you'll need to create a free account. If you're looking for some simple furniture shuffling, Arrange-a-room will more than suffice. For a more in-depth layout revamp, Floorplanner will knock your socks off (and then place them in the laundry hamper for you).

Happy rearranging!
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