Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tutorial: Chore Chart with paint chip cards

My husband had the brilliant idea of making a chore chart using paint sample cards. They are perfect for this project because They are stiff and sturdy. Here is how to make this cute chore chart.
You will need:
One board (mine is two feet)
wood letters that spell out chore chart
paint sample cards, decide how many chores you want to include and then get that many sample cards in two different colors
small hooks

First I measured the board and decided how far apart the hooks should be. My hooks are drilled two inches from the edge, four inches from each other and about two inches from the top of the board. Drill your holes. Screw each of your hooks into place. Decide if you want to use the full length of the card, if not cut them down. I cut my cards down just a little on top so they would fit.
Glue two cards together. One color on one side and another on the other. Mine are pink and blue.

Write your chores on the cards. I am super lucky to have a SIL with fabulous hand writing and so she wrote these for me.
These are the letters I bought, they come in 4pks at Hobby Lobby for 77 cents. If you do it this way, you need one package of Cs, one of Hs, one of Rs, and then a package of Os, Ts, As, and Es. I painted my words in two different colors and then hot glued them just above my hooks on my board.
I then took a needle and poked a hole through my cards and then threaded them onto the hooks with my pink chores facing out. That way when she finishes a chore, she gets to flip it over to the blue side.
This chart turned out perfect for our family and the best thing is that the paint samples are so easy to get that if I ever want to change the chores on my board, it is a snap.
I am linking up with the Iron Crafter secret ingredient challenge today!

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