Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tutorial: Melted Snowman Ornament

Have you seen those little snowman piece miniatures at the craft store? This is the perfect thing to use them for. My wonderful Aunt Nancy, is just about as creative as someone can be. Her specialty is Christmas ornaments and I grew up looking forward to her next creation. I have a soft spot that is hard to explain for melted snowman so this idea was perfect for me.

You will need:
wax paper
hot glue
two black seed beads (for eyes)
scrap of fabric (for scarf)
the bottom part of a leaf (small enough to be arms)
top hat and carrot miniatures

Lay out your wax paper and make a puddle of hot glue on it. Add your pieces to the glue before it sets. Take a piece of cord and make a loop, pressing the ends into the top part of your ornament. Let the glue dry COMPLETELY and then peel off of the paper. Hang on your tree!
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