Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Make Marshmallow Flowers

Happy Valentine's Day! If you are like me and are still looking to finish up some valentines, marshmallow flowers are a simple answer. After seeing them at a baby shower awhile back, I knew I had found an easy favor/valentine that I could make even under a time crunch.

You will need:
white large marshmallows
colored large marshmallows (they make whole bags of the pink strawberry ones)
bamboo/wood skewers
cellophane bags and ribbon

The flowers look the fullest with six colored marshmallows. Take a toothpick and pierce six colored marshmallows on their side. Pierce the white, center marshmallow with the toothpicks attached to the colored marshmallows. Take the skewers and poke the bottom of your flower, giving it a stem. I have found the stem works best when you pierce both the color marshmallow and the center one. Put the marshmallow flower into a cellophane bag and tie with ribbon just under the flower.

I have used these favors at an adult party and a kids party and they were hits both times. Too bad my husband doesn't eat sugar, I might be tempted to make him a bouquet of marshmallow flowers. :)

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