Monday, June 20, 2011

Camera Lens Pal- Making Kids Smile- A tutorial

One of the hardest things about photography can be making children smile, and/or to getting them to look at the camera, enter the Camera Lens Pal. This wonderful little guy slips over my lens giving the kids something to look and smile at. So far, he has been a big hit and the best part? He cost about $2 and took about 15 minutes to make. Here's how.

You will need:
a stuffed animal (a hand puppet is the easiest one to work with but you can make others work too)
scrunchie in the color of your animal

I bought both items from the dollar store. There was a whole bin of small stuffed animals in the toy section. Look for animals that have hands and feet such as this elephant, this will let your animal surround the camera lens. A animal without limbs, like a dolphin or snake won't have the same effect.
First cut out the center of your animal, leave enough fabric on the top, bottom and around the arms that you can sew it to the scrunchie. About an inch or so of fabric is adequate.
Find a cup about the size of your camera lens, you can use your actual lens if you need to but it is slightly easier with the cup. Stretch your elastic over the cup and then wrap your stuffed animal around the cup until it looks they way you want it and pin. Hand sew the your animal to the elastic, making sure to catch both the front piece of fabric on your animal and the one on the back. Leave the elastic wrapped around the cup while you sew will ensure that your animal looks the way you want it too when it is on your lens.
If you want, you can repeat the process with the feet of your animal. I think a pal would look cute both ways and leaving off the feet with save you a little bit of time. Although, I do think it is completely darling to have the complete animal hanging around your camera.
Add to your camera lens and use to get those kiddos smiling.

I love my elephant, what kind of animal would you use to accessorize your camera?

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