Monday, August 15, 2011

Scrapbook paper covered journals with ribbon bookmark

I always find myself making new journals at back to school time. I have always loved a cute journal and at this time a year, you can get the spiral bound notebooks for about .20 a piece. They make thoughtful gifts when inscribed with love notes and perhaps a nice pen and since they aren't too specific they can be used for just about anything. 
You will need:
A notebook
scrapbook paper, one piece will cover a notebook, but you will need several pieces if you want more than one design on the notebook. I prefer to make three notebooks at once and use three different pieces of paper and mix and match on the books.
rubber cement, seriously, use rubber cement. Not regular glue, not craft glue, rubber cement.
1/2 inch ribbon

Cover your notebook with the scrapbook paper in anyway that you see fit. Make sure to go all the way to edge on both edges. Glue down with rubber cement, because it won't wrinkle that way.
Take a long piece of ribbon, I usually don't even cut it from the spool until I am done with this part, and start threading it through the spiral binding. Pull out lots of extra on the first couple of loops.

Weave the ribbon over and under and over and under through the spiral binding.
When you are done, you should have a long tail that you pulled through in the beginning left over. This is the book mark. It fold over into the notebook to hold your place.
Then cut the ribbon and tie a knot at the end of the spiral binding, to make sure the ribbon isn't going to move.
I think the ribbon bookmark really gives the notebook a finished look. You can even tie a pen to your bookmark if you feel the desire!

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