Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WoW: BabyCenter (my favorite things #3)

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I'm back (and late!) with the third of my favorite things: BabyCenter Online! (See favorite thing #1 here and favorite thing #2 here) And remember, I'm not compensated for any of what I say here. Not that I would turn a sponsor down, but... this is just lil ol' me and my opinions :)

When I was pregnant with my son, I got a lot of advice -- do this, don't do that, blah de blah de blah. I followed very little of it, for better or for worse ;) but one thing that all these fellow moms seemed to have in common was that they ALL recommended signing up for the BabyCenter emails.

Having that many moms all agree on one thing meant that there definitely must be something to it -- just think, when was the last time that you got more than two moms together and had everyone agree on *anything* when it comes to child rearing?? So, I signed up.

And I concur.* Now, I am one of those recommending BabyCenter to everyone I know. :)

*Side note: does anyone else think of that scene in Catch Me if You Can every time you say/hear the word concur? :)

There are many sites out there that give you information about your growing fetus, your growing child, your growing family, so why do I (and all these other moms) love BabyCenter? I can't necessarily speak for those moms, but I love BabyCenter for its

concise and timely emails. Each week, I receive a SHORT newsletter about my child this week -- how to encourage development, dealing with difficulties, etc. The email also includes links to articles that I might be interested in for the age of my child -- sleep training, morning sickness, potty training, tantrums, fun activities -- as well as links to a...

forum for other parents with children the same ages as mine. I'm not a huge online forum dweller, and I've never contributed to the BabyCenter forums, but I enjoy reading what other parents are doing with their children -- funny things, how they're dealing with the same problem I'm having -- and, to be honest, I occasionally enjoy laughing at the drama on the discussion boards. :)

age-appropriate activities. For the first two years of your child's life, BabyCenter has lists of weekly activities to help promote your child's development. These activities are easy and very rarely (if at all) require anything other than what you'll already have at your house. See the activities for up to age 1 here and up to age 2 here, and for older kids they have a whole library of activities, too. Because BabyCenter knows that even the best of moms start to rip their hair out after reading that book seventeen times in one day and hearing "I'm bo-ored" in surround pre-teen sound.  

BabyCenter also offers free (and cute!) email birth announcements, a child milestone tracker (integrated with Facebook so you can share with everyone!), a pregnancy app for iPhone and Android, and just about any information you could ever want... related to the conception, incubation, birthing, and raising of children that is. :)

What's your favorite place to find information about why your child is driving you crazy? ;)

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