Monday, February 27, 2012

Pringles Can Turned Cute Spaghetti Storage

It always seems like every time I make spaghetti, I have some let over. That half package of spaghetti then floats around my pantry until someone (the child) knocks it over and we end up with crunchy noodle mess. Most containers I have tried to store my spaghetti are too short and just make it harder to keep out of the way, except one. Of all things, a Pringles can fits noodles perfectly.
Storing noodles in a Pringles can is incredible! They fit and the can is slender enough to not be a nuisance in your pantry.
You will need a original flavor Pringles can. You can probably use other flavors, but I figure that using the one with the least amount of flavor is probably the best way to keep your noodles from being flavored in any way. Next rinse out your Pringles can. Rinse it with warm water for NO MORE than a minute. If you keep it under a minute the container will have no problems holding together.
Let the container air dry over night. Take a piece of 12x12 scrapbook paper and Mod Podge, wrap it around the can, securing it as you go. Trim off the excess. Allow to dry completely.
After your container is dry, simply add your noodles for perfect storage. I have put spaghetti noodles and linguine in these and they have all fit wonderfully with no change to the noodles whatsoever.

How do you store noodles?

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Kenzie R. said...

That is a brilliant idea!

I also found, on Pinterest of course, that Pringles cans are also perfect for stacking cookies in to gift for Christmas!

Lorene (just Lu) said...


Where do I store my noodles?

In a Pringles can, of course! I knew there was a reason I'd been saving them ;)

Cranberry Morning said...

Great idea! I wonder if Stax cans are big enough - that's what I buy, GF. Thanks for the clever tip!

KAT said...

Cooool idea I will use this one ! also the cookie mailer idea on the other comment
thanks to both of you


Amanda said...

awesome! I know of an almost empty container of pringles in the pantry right now.

Gen said...

Your tip has come at a great time! I was re-organizing my pantry this weekend and the container I bought for my spaghetti didn't fit. AND we just finished a can of Pringles, which we normally NEVER buy but this one was given to us. Can you say perfect?! Thank you for sharing! Stopping by from COM Monday :)

Sarah Sawtell said...

i found out about this and even had my kid paint the can... well the noodles are longer then the can... i guess i should have checked before she painted the can..... so either they made the cans shorter or the noodles longer.