Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Favorite Elf on the Shelf Ideas

We, like a lot of you, have a little elf that visits our house during the month of December. Our little Elf, Pixiedoodle, likes to do silly things during the night. She doesn't get into too much mischief, just enough to make our little girl giggle in the morning. Here are some of our favorite situations our little elf has found herself in. 

1. All tangled up in thread in mom's sewing machine.
2. Taking a marshmallow bath in a mug. This one made my little girl laugh so hard our elf wants to do this again on a grander scale.
3. Dyeing the milk in the fridge. A friend suggested making sure the milk was almost gone before doing this and I am glad she did. Nobody would drink the blue milk.
4. Making sugar angels on the table.
5. Drawing funny little faces on our family pictures.
6. Coloring pages in one of our favorite coloring books.
7. Going for a roller coaster ride down the stairs in a roll of toilet paper.
8. Getting into the band-aids in the Boo Boo box.

Our little elf sure makes my daughter laugh and since she knows the elf is reporting to Santa, her room has never been so clean.
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