Friday, March 8, 2013

Craft Vinyl Storage

If somebody is looking for me in the house, the first place they check is the craft room. It is my happy place. It stores all of my craft supplies and photo props, with a desk for my computer and one for my sewing machine. I have a kids corner so my daughter can draw and play Play-doh while I work and fabric galore. It is truly my space. I love it because I have a space to spread out and my husband loves it because he isn't picking pieces of thread up off the kitchen table. One day I hope we have another extra room and he can have a room. Knowing my husband it will be a completely empty room that he can sit in. 

Today, I have decided to start sharing my crafty space with you. I am going to share bits and pieces before showing you the whole thing. First up is how I store my craft vinyl. I LOVE vinyl. All kinds of it. There is something about the color and the sparkles that get me to open up my wallet every time. 

My vinyl storage system is simple and affordable. All it takes is a trip to IKEA. I used two of these hanging waste baskets to store my vinyl. They cost $3.99 a piece, so they are a cheap option. 

 I have separated my vinyl into two categories and I cut a small strip of vinyl to label each one. The categories are regular and specialty. Regular is plain ole' regular vinyl and transfer tape.
 My specialty vinyl container holds all of my permanent vinyl, my chalkboard and white board vinyl as well as my heat transfer.

Keeping my vinyl separated this way gives me more room for my regular vinyl and also helps me keep my regular and permanent vinyl separate since they look pretty much the same. It helps me not use the wrong kind of vinyl for the job I am looking to do.

This system is affordable to purchase and easy to install. My kind of organization.
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