Monday, March 11, 2013

Pegboard Craft Room Organization

Have you linked up your projects to this week's Creative Showcase yet?
If I had to pick my favorite project from my entire house, it would be this. This pegboard has not only organized all of my craft tools and kept them easily accessible, it looks great too! This project was one of the easiest projects I completed for our new house and probably the one with the most impact. It took me a few hours and less than $20 to make the vision happen. 

I found a sheet of pegboard at Lowe's for about $5. I didn't have it cut, this sheet is exactly the size I bought from the hardware store. I added several coats of turquoise spray paint before it was just the way I wanted. There are quite a few different ways you can get the hardware for your board, you can buy each piece individually or buy a kit. For $11 I got almost all of the hardware you see here, this kit is similar. The baskets had to be purchase separately. At $5 a piece, they were the most expensive part of this board, but something I felt I needed. You can find similar ones here

Included in the kit was a couple of brackets to make a shelf. I simply found a piece of wood I had laying around from a craft project and laid it across them. This is the little shelf that is holding all of my thread. Similar brackets can be found here
I use my pegboard to hold pretty much everything. I use the baskets to hold my Mod Podge and glues and the long straight hooks for things like my obsessive collection of Washi tape and twine. I use smaller containers that came with my set to hold glue sticks and my black permanent markers. 
This was the first project I completed when we moved a few months back and it is still something I use every day. I love that my husband knows where to find glue and tape now without asking and I love that I can find my tools and not have to resort to borrowing my husband's. It keeps me organized and it certainly helps that it is my favorite color too!
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