Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Personalized Scrabble Pencil Boxes

I can't believe that summer has come and gone. We have one more week in this house until school starts, but in essence it is over. We have been school shopping and bought new clothes, shoes and school supplies. As sad as every child is that summer is over, that is how excited I am for school to start. I have always loved getting my all of my school supplies together and of course, new clothes. I did it every year up until I graduated college. The first fall that I didn't go back to school, even though I was happy to be done with school, I still missed getting ready for school. Now I just get my little girl ready for school. This is here second year of preschool and she couldn't be more excited.

For the little ones, the hardest part of school starting can be the fact that their big brothers and sisters get to go to school and they have to stay home. I have twin nephews in just that situation, so I made them fun pencil boxes filled with school supplies, so they could pretend to go to school at home. These boxes are super easy and come together in minutes.

You will need:
A pencil box- I found these at Target for .50 a piece
Scrabble Letters- You can get these at the craft store, or do what I do and scour the thrift store for old games
Hot glue

Arrange the letters the way you want them on the box and then hot glue. Fill the box with all sorts of fun supplies and take them to school, or use them at home for the littles or home school!
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marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

You're such a fun aunty! I'm such a sucker for scrabble tiles and I'm a pencil box junkie so these are perfect.