Thursday, August 8, 2013

Where I Have Loved You Canvases (State Canvases)

State Canvases
One of the best things we ever did for our family was move thousands of miles away from anybody we knew. It was difficult and frustrating, but it really solidified us as our own family, who makes their own decisions. Three years later, one of the best things we ever did was move back to live close to our families again. I love that my daughter has something I never had, grandparents who live close. 

Living in Texas and in Northern Utah (where we met), are such big parts of who we are now, that I wanted to create something that remembered them. This is what I came up, I added the hearts with red Washi tape, so it would be easy to add more or take them off if I decided to later. I have since added a second heart to Utah, to show where we live now. 

You will need: 
a plate rack with places for plates
8x10 canvases, or canvases that fit your plate rack
contact paper
Red Washi tape
 You can cut the states out one of two ways. Google an image of your state, print it and then trace it onto the contact paper and cut. I personally just used my Cricut to cut the images and words, but if you don't have a cutter you have do it that way. Peel the contact paper apart and apply it to the canvases. Be careful when applying the words to remember all of the little pieces.
 Paint the canvas around the state and then just where the letters are on the canvas. Wait until they are dry and do a second coat. When the canvases are completely dry, peel the contact paper off.
 Take your roll of red Washi tape and cut out a little heart to place over where you lived in the state. I just free hand cut the little heart.
 I found the plate rack that I use for my canvases at a thrift store for $2. I bought it, sanded it down and gave it a fresh coat of black spray paint. Check your thrift stores for plate racks that can be refinished.
I really love how this project turned out. It hangs at the top of my stairs, and I find myself reading it every time I pass it. One day, I hope we need a wall of canvases. 
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