Friday, January 3, 2014

What Does The Fox Say? Shirt with Layered Heat Transfer

I was given the Heat Transfer Vinyl to create this shirt. All opinions and instructions are 100% my own. 
What Does the Fox Say?, Layered Heat Transfer
Still singing What Does The Fox Say from yesterday's post? Yeah, me too. Today's shirt was made for my 5-year-old. It is more whimsical with just the ears and the tail and with two fun colors instead of just one. Making shirts with more than one color of vinyl is called layering heat transfer and it is surprisingly easy and just needs a little patience. She absolutely loves her shirt and in the week she has owned it has worn it three times, with me doing extra laundry just so she can wear her favorite shirt. I found all the materials I needed from Expressions Vinyl.

For this project you will need:
A shirt to iron the image to
Orange Heat Transfer

Black Heat Transfer
A Cutting Machine (the attached prepared files for this shirt are for a Silhouette)
An iron

Parchment Paper
The What Does The Fox Say Files at the end of this post

How to Layer Heat Transfer
You will need to cut two different times for this shirt. Remember when cutting heat transfer with a machine, you always need to be sure to flip/mirror your images or you text will be backwards when you iron it on. For your convenience, the file included with this project has been flipped for you. The images in the attached file are both sitting to the side of the cutting area. Select all of the orange and drag to the cutting area. Feed your heat transfer into your machine shiny carrier sheet side down and cut. Remove the orange pieces from the cutting area and pull the black piece. Feed your black heat transfer shiny side down into your machine and cut. If you would like to watch a video on how to cut the vinyl, you can find one from Expressions Vinyl here.
Expressions Vinyl, Layering Heat Transfer
Weed the both the orange and the black designs. Place the black heat transfer (always start with the bottom layer) on your shirt with the carrier sheet up. Iron directly onto the carrier sheet for about 15 seconds. Peel the carrier sheet off, leaving the design on the shirt. Cut the tail apart from the ears on your orange section and line up the orange on top of the black. Go slow, you might want to give the black a few minutes to cool before you try to line up the orange, so it won't stick right away. 
What Does The Fox Say DIY Shirt, Fox Cuttable Files, Fox Silhouette Files
Once the orange is lined up, place a piece of parchment paper on top of the entire design. This will keep the black from sticking to your iron. Iron over the entire design for about 30 seconds (So the entire design has been ironed for 30 seconds, not 30 seconds total. Flip over and iron from the back for an additional 15-20 seconds. Peel off the carrier sheet for the orange. You can find a video about layering heat transfer below the cutting video from Expressions Vinyl here.
Iron On, What Does The Fox Say Iron On
You can find the file to make this shirt here. All files are for personal use only, when sharing please direct people to the post on Housewife Eclectic.

Want to make your very own Fox shirt? Expressions Vinyl has generously offered to give all Housewife Eclectic readers 10% of their purchase by using the code HOUSEWIFEECLECTIC at check out.

Who would you make a Fox shirt for? 
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