Monday, December 8, 2014

Easy "Floating" Phrase or Photo Charm Ornaments

Hi again, Lorene here from just Lu with some more fun Doctor Who (or whatever you're into) easy crafts.

Last Christmas, I made my favorite Whovian (that's Debra) a whole Doctor Who tree, complete with a Weeping Angel tree topper, character tree skirt, police box lighted sign, Doctors and companions garland, and oodles of Doctor-inspired ornaments. 

The ornaments I'm showing you today are so easy and use acrylic plastic sheets to create a "floating" feel, similar to floating frames. They look great on a Christmas tree, but you could also hang them from a rear-view mirror in your car, a door knob, a shelf peg -- just about anywhere you want to add a little Doctor Who! And, they are super easy to customize to whatever floats your boat, whether or not that is British sci-fi :) You can use vinyl or even rub-on stickers, or just print out your favorite photos or designs to use. 

DIY “Floating” Acrylic Plastic Ornaments or Charms

  • clear acrylic plastic sheet (like plexiglass) -- I found mine at Hobby Lobby for about $3
  • x-acto knife, craft knife, box cutter, or you could buy a specific acrylic plastic cutter
  • straight-edge yard stick or quilting ruler
  • vinyl decals or printouts of the artwork or photos that you want on your ornaments
  • double stick tape
  • ⅛ inch ribbon

1 - Cut the acrylic sheet into squares/rectangles to fit the vinyl designs or printed paper that you want on your ornaments. I cut my acrylic pieces about ½ inch larger than the designs to leave ¼ inch margin around all the edges.
Worried about cutting acrylic sheet plastic? It’s really easy -- it just takes a bit of courage the first time! Just line your straight edge up with where you want to make the cut and use the craft knife to score the plastic deeply -- I used a lot of pressure to cut the groove about 5 times for each cut. Then, place the cut line along the edge of a firm surface, like the square edge of a countertop, and slowly bend the overhanging piece until -POP- it breaks cleanly along the scored line.

A note: I left the thin protective plastic on both sides of the sheet during cutting, so that I cut through one of the plastic protectors with the knife and then trimmed the other one once the sheet had broken. I felt like it helped keep the cuts cleaner and prevented the acrylic sheet from splintering along edges. Once you’ve got the pieces cut down, peel off the protective plastic.

2 - Then, use double-stick tape on the corners of the *front* of your printed designs, and carefully center and stick them to the acrylic sheet pieces you’ve cut. If you’re using vinyl decals, stick them on the front of the acrylic pieces.

3 - Cut lengths of ribbon between 1.5-2 times the width of each ornament for hangers. Seal the ends of the ribbon with a lighter or FrayCheck, and then attach the ribbon hangers to the top corners of the ornaments with a very small dab of hot glue.

So easy, so fun, and so personalized! The hardest part for me was selecting the very best sayings because I wanted to do every one-liner from the whole Doctor Who series....


Lu (or Lorene if you prefer) is the mom of 3 kids and wife of a singing and dancing elementary teacher. She happily shows up here at Housewife Eclectic whenever Debra allows, and occasionally blogs on whatever topic comes up over at her blog, just Lu, when she has time in between projects and her awesome job as a virtual assistant. 
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