Monday, June 30, 2014

11th Doctor Crocheted Tweed Scarf, Bowtie, and Fez

Hi all! Lorene from just Lu back again with another fun Doctor Who tutorial for you!

Bowties are cool, and what’s cuter than a baby 11th doctor! The bowtie is removable, so you can easily adjust the scarf to wear yourself, too, for a little bit of understated Whovian cosplay style... if there is such a thing.

How to Make a Mini 11th Doctor Cosplay Scarf and Bowtie

  • yarn in 4 colors: red, brown, tan, cream
  • crochet hooks: a smaller size like G, and then a jumbo size that will hold 4 strands of yarn
  • two large buttons, clear or red/brown to match the yarn
  • large needle

Make the Bowtie
Using the red yarn and smaller crochet hook, crochet a rectangle about 6 inches by 3 inches (for an oversized baby bowtie or an average sized adult bowtie). Start with a chain foundation to the correct width, and then make rows of single crochet to the desired height. Tie off the crochet, and then pinch the rectangle in the middle and wrap it with yarn to form the knot of the bowtie.

Using extra yarn and the large needle, attach the button loosely to the back of the bowtie. The button has to be loose enough to button through one layer of the scarf, which will be about half an inch thick or more, depending on the thickness of the yarn you are using.

Make the Tweed Scarflet
Using 4 strands of yarn (I used 2 of the darker brown, 1 tan, 1 cream) and the jumbo crochet hook, chain a foundation row to the length that you want the scarflet. Mine is about 30 inches long, give or take. Then crochet single crochet rows to the width that you want -- mine was about 5 inches, 4-5 rows. Tie off the ends and attach the second button a few inches from the end, so that you can use it to secure the scarf around your neck.

Make the Fez
You can’t be the 11th doctor without a fez! I winged this one and didn’t write down the pattern, but you can check out this free pattern or this one to make one of your own.

Happy creating,

Lu (or Lorene if you prefer) is the mom of 3 kids and wife of a singing and dancing elementary teacher. She happily shows up here at Housewife Eclectic whenever Debra allows, and occasionally blogs on whatever topic comes up over at her blog, just Lu, when she has time in between projects and her awesome job as a virtual assistant. 
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