Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meeting Martha Stewart

I am a member of the Everywhere Society and Everywhere has provided me with compensation with this post for the Macy’s Martha Stewart event. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own. 

Have you ever had a moment in your life that felt surreal? A moment that didn't seem like it could be true, even though it was? That was what meeting Martha Stewart was like for me. I have seen her so many times, on the covers of books, on TV, on art supplies, on kitchen utensils. She is everywhere. So when she stepped out at her Salt Lake City Macy's book signing last week, I did a double take. I absolutely couldn't believe she was just a couple of feet away from me. 

I am grateful for Martha and all she has done for crafting and creating. Homemade used to be something to look down on and now it is trendy and cool to create and cook. I think Martha Stewart has had a lot to do with that, so when I knew she was coming to town to sign copies of her new book, Martha's American Food, I just had to go meet her. 

Vanessa, from Our Thrifty Ideas, and I headed up to the City Creek Macy's to meet one of the biggest names in DIY. Martha was absolutely so sweet to me and my baby. She asked how old my baby is and commented on how little she is for her age. She told me she couldn't believe we were already out and she was genuinely pleased one of Hailey's first big outings was meeting her. Martha was absolutely delightful and she could not have been sweeter to my little one. It made bringing her so much fun.

After the signing, we headed upstairs to check out all of the current Martha Stewart kitchen products. I am absolutely in love with the little cake dome on the right and so many of the other gadgets.

Meeting Martha was absolutely a dream come true for me and maybe one day a dream of my little one's. After all, how many two-month-olds can say they have met Martha Stewart?
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