Monday, July 7, 2014

14 Ultimate Diaper Bag Essentials

Thanks to Huggies for sponsoring today's discussion.

It has been awhile since I have carried a diaper bag. When my 2-month-old was born, my oldest had been out of diapers for more than three years. This time around, I decided to pack my ultimate diaper bag. No being stranded at the store without a plastic sack to put wet clothes in, these are my essentials when it comes to my diaper bag.
  • Diapers. The most important thing in any diaper bag is of course, diapers. I like to make sure I have at least three with me before I leave the house. 

  • Wipes. I love Huggies wipes because they are thick and durable. You can use less of them to get the job done. The new Clutch N' Clean wipes have an awesome strap that you can hook onto your diaper bag for easy access. I also love how cute they are! You can refill them and they are perfect for on the go. 
  • Changing pad. Bringing a changing pad with you makes it so you can make just about anywhere a changing area without having to lay your baby somewhere germy. 
  • Hand sanitizer. I love having hand sanitizer in my diaper bag to clean up my kid's hands after the play at the park, before we sit down for lunch while we are out and about and about a million other scenarios. We use it every single day and I found a small travel container with a clip on it and clipped it to the strap of my diaper bag, so it is always easy to get to. 
  • Plastic bags. These can be either grocery sacks or Ziploc type bags. This will give you a place to put wet clothes after a blow out or dirty diapers until you can find a garbage can. 
  • An extra pacifier. If you baby is the pacifier type, carrying an extra will help ensure you have one if the first one falls on the ground. 
  • Diaper rash cream. 

  • Feeding supplies. If you are formula feeding bring formula and bottles full of water to make a bottle easily. If you a breastfeeding bring whatever you need to fit your comfort level, expressed milk, a cover or simply nothing at all. I also carry a hand pump with me wherever I go, but that is just my preference. 
  • Snacks and bibs for older babies. I always carry puffs once my little ones are big enough for a snack. 
  • Burp Cloths

  • Baby Blanket. Even if it is hot out, you need a blanket. You can lay the baby on it, use it to change a diaper, a nursing cover and to keep baby out of the sun. I have also noticed that when it is hot outside, sometimes the air conditioning inside is freezing and baby still needs a blanket. 
  • Extra clothes. Every baby is going to need a change of clothing now and again. I don't like to take up my diaper bag with entire outfits, so in the summer, I just carry an extra onesie and a pair of socks. In the winter, I will carry a full outfit just to make sure baby stays warm.
  • Wrap. I like to wrap my baby against me whenever we go out, it helps her sleep while we are out an about, leaves my hands free and generally keeps strangers from touching her. 
  • Mom essentials. I don't usually carry a purse when I have a little one. I just stash my wallet in the diaper bag and I am good to go. 

As well as their new Clutch N' Clean wipes for easy on the go cleaning, Huggies also has new designer tubs to make having wipes around your house a little more stylish. The Designer Tubs have easy snap tops and are refillable. I already love Huggies wipes, so it is fun to now have stylish ones! Find more about the new wipes here. What do you carry in your diaper bag? 
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