Thursday, November 13, 2014

12 Christmas Stocking Tutorials

One of the things on my Christmas to do list is to make my baby her Christmas stocking. I have been looking for some inspiration and have found some fantastic tutorials! I can't decide which ones to use. 
I absolutely love this  Swedish Dala Horse Stocking from Jenny Allsorts.
 These Burlap Stockings from Living Savvy are just perfect!
 Take a sweater and make it into a stocking with this Sweater to Stocking Tutorial from An Extraordinary Day.
 I am absolutely in love with these Christmas Stockings from His and Hers. The perfect color!
 I love these Elf Stockings from DIY Home Sweet Home.
 These add a sock stockings from Martha Stewart are just too cute!
 I love this Basic Christmas Stocking from Fabric Worm.
 This Poinsettia Stocking Tutorial from StoneGable makes me all giddy for Christmas and snow!
 This Ruffle Stocking found on the Fabric Mill Blog is just too cute!
 What better way to recycle a sweater than to turn it into Christmas stocking. Use this Christmas stocking from sweaters tutorial found at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.
 Get your ruffle on with this Ruffled Stocking Pattern from Create Kids Couture.
This Striped Piece Christmas Stocking isn't as difficult as it looks and it is gorgeous. Find it at The Purl Bee

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