Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Paw Print Cupcakes and Fresh Fruit Hedge Hogs

My favorite part of the Littlest Pet Shop party that I posted about yesterday, was the food table. The kids loves the snacks and I loved being able to have a variety of options available to them. The food was all relatively easy to pull together and very few things needed any prep work at all. 
 For the Paw Print Cupcakes, you will need cupcakes that are baked and frosted in any color but brown plus Tootsie Rolls. Wash your hands thoroughly and then knead your Tootsie Rolls together until you have a small flat patty. Cut out one large circle and three smaller circles for each cupcake. I use a small circle cookie cutter for my large circle and the cleaned lid of a pen for the small circles. You can try warming the Tootsie Rolls in the microwave, but I found it was usually too much heat and the most effective process was just working them with your hands.
I bought animal bowls at the dollar store and filled them with things that the kids would love and went along with the animal theme. Red Vines became "puppy leashes", Peanut Butter Cereal became "Kitty Chow", Goldfish Crackers were "Kitty Snacks" and gummy worms were "bird worms."

 I really wanted to have a healthy element that the kids would actually eat, so I made a cute little fruit hedge hog with mini tooth pick kabobs. The kids absolutely loved this little guy and ate all of it. He was made by cutting a cantaloupe in half. One half became the hedge hog body and the other half is what I chopped up for the skewers. I added strawberry halves and stuck them all over the "body" of the hedge hog.
Overall the food table was one of the easier snack tables I have pulled together. The kids absolutely loved it and I loved that not everything on it was junk.
What is your go to item to serve at parties?
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