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Real or Not Real? - Hunger Games Party

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There are few things I have looked forward to more this year than the release of Mockingjay - Part 1. When I read Mockingjay, when it first came out, the world stopped. We were living in a small town with only one book store that was located in the mall. I desperately called every chain store in the area to see if anybody would have Mockingjay available at midnight, with no luck. Since we only had one car at the time, I spent the next morning calling every friend I had, calling in ever single favor trying to make it to the small book store across town. I finally put my hands on the book in the early afternoon and the next thing I remember it was evening and I was finishing it. Everything stopped until I knew what happened to Katniss, Peeta and Prim. 

In preparation for seeing one of my all time favorite stories come to life on the big screen, I wanted to throw a Mockingjay party to talk about the book from all angles and to hear what other people hoped to see happen in the movie. In all of my excitement for Mockingjay, I may have gone overboard in creating a Katniss outfit for my baby, a party with Mockingjay-themed jewelry favors and mini DIY crossbows complete with custom printables. Of course, the first thing I pulled together was a Katniss costume for my 6 month old, because what baby doesn't need a bow and arrow? 

This party was hands down one of my favorite to throw. From the baby Katniss costume to the food table, I loved every little detail.

For me, the most iconic part of Mockingjay is when Peeta asks Katniss "Real or not Real?" I wanted to capture it for the table, so I created these super simple printables. My favorite printable is the one that simply says "Real." I placed the bow across the picture frame because it seemed like an appropriate place to represent Katniss. Download them here,

I found some candy coal in the Christmas section of the store and felt it was a subtle shout out to District 12, so I sprinkled it all over the food table.

I love parties where there are things to do and make. This time around we had two different projects for people to choose from: mini cross bows made from Popsicle sticks and hair clips or Mockingjay-themed book jewelry. Both were a big hit. The crossbows were fantastic and they actually work really well!

I created a third printable for the silverware and plate table. I love the District 13 bandanna that everything is sitting on.

The food for this party was so much fun to plan. I went with simple options that each had a little bit of a pun. The first was "Peeta" bread and hummus. This was the perfect appetizer! Something delicious to snack on while we were waiting for other elements.

Caesear Flickerman Casear Salad was a must. Who wouldn't laugh at that pun?

My husband makes killer wings, so I had to have them on the table as "Mockingjay Wings." I have always been a little weirded out by chicken wings, but I completely overcame it when I had his for the first time. They are absolutely delicious.

I simply frosted these "Girl on Fire" cupcakes with white frosting, then used gold food coloring spray to give them some shimmer.

We used an extra copy of the book to create these beautiful Mockingjay-themed jewelry pieces. We each took turns going through the book and finding spots that listed our favorite character's name and then cutting them out for the jewelry. If you can't find another copy of the book at your local thrift store, consider copying one page onto cardstock so you don't have to cut up your only copy. I know that I wouldn't be able to part with mine.

The guys loved putting together the crossbows. We ended up making a ton of these so all of our kids could have one too. They were easy to pull together and their range is pretty fantastic.

I have to admit, when I first read Mockingjay I was so upset by it. I wanted a fairy tale and I most certainly didn't get the picturesque ending I wished for, but as I have reread and reflected on Mockingjay I think I have come to love it more. It is a story about survival about enduring, something we all have to do at one time or another. I love this story because it is real. Not real in the sense that it actually happened, but real in the sense that bad things happen during war, nobody escapes the hardships of it and the best we can do is pick up the pieces.

In Mockingjay -Part 1 we will see Katniss, under the leadership of President Coin, fight to save Peeta, and figure out what it means to be the Mockingjay or symbol of freedom for the rebels. Normally I am apprehensive when books are made into movies but Jennifer Lawrence and the entire cast and crew of Mockingjay have truly raised the bar for films based on movies. The entire trailer gives me goosebumps.

So when are you going to see Mockingjay?
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