Wednesday, December 3, 2014

10 Fabulous DIY Christmas Wreaths

One of my absolute favorite parts of decorating for Christmas is making a wreath for our front door. I have gathered some of my very favorite wreaths in this post, including one that you can even make just with toilet paper tubes! How cool is that? 
 Candy Cane Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath by Big Bear's Wife.
 Glittery Snowflake Wreath on Better Homes and Gardens.
 Ribbon Candy Wreath on Hometalk.
 Ho Ho Ho Santa Wreath by The Love Nerds.
 Candy Wreath Tutorial by Gwynn Wasson Designs.
 Grinch Wreath by Style Blue Print.
 Natural Christmas Wreath by Fyne's Designs.
 Holly Wreath by Create Serendipity.
 Christmas Mesh Wreath by Kristen's Creations.
Cute Yarn Snowman by Made in a Day.

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Masshole Mommy said...

That ribbon candy wreath is absolutely adorable. Actually everything you showed is!

Maddi'sMommy said...

Oh my goodness, I just kept saying "Ooh I love that" all the way down! Now I just need to decide and make one :) lol

Heather Jones said...

Ha ha! I really like the grinch one! These are amazing!!

Colette S said...

Ooh these are so beautiful!

Jenn said...

I am obsessed with making my own wreaths lately, I just started mine today. I LOVE that ribbon candy cane one. Adorable!

Michelle Feliciano said...

Those are some really beautiful wreaths. I love the ribbon candy one.

Danielle said...

I really wish that I were as crafty as this requires. I love the peppermint wreath and the snowman.

Caitlin Fore said...

These are great Christmas themed wreaths!!

Mistee Dawn said...

I love the Candy one and the Snowflake one. They are just too cute.

Kristin and Megan said...

I've always wanted to try my hand at the peppermint wreath!

Coralie said...

I love the mesh wreath. These all look so great. Thanks for sharing.