Monday, January 5, 2015

What's Inside Your Bath Toys?

 This last Christmas, my mom was looking for ideas for my 8 month-old for Christmas. When she suggested bath toys, I told her that I would let her play with the toys outside of the tub, but that we don't do most tub toys. My mom thought my ban on rubber duckies was pretty mean until I showed her these photos.
 Both of my girls love the water and beg to take baths, so we had a large assortment of tub toys at one point. I mean who doesn't love their kids have every opportunity to soak the floor with every bath, right? Aside, from completely drenching my bathroom every time someone was in the tub I didn't mind the tub toys.

I knew tub toys had the potential for mold, so I was careful to empty each one and place it in a open basket when we were done, so they could dry completely. I thought we were doing a pretty good job preventing mold until I saw that some of the toys were slightly discolored. Much to my kids dismay I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut one open and this is what I found. After I cut one, I kept going. Every single toy that let water inside was filled with mold, EVEN though they were fairly new and we were careful to empty them.

This started a ban on squirt tub toys in our house. My kids play with cups, bath books and toys without a hole in them while they are in the tub, but no more bath squirters. After watching my daughter squirt one in her mouth and then finding mold inside, we were done.
So what about you? Does this make you rethink your bath toys?
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