Thursday, April 30, 2015

DIY Power Ranger Gloves

It is no secret, we love to dress up. When it comes to costumes, we have Tinkerbell and Elsa costumes coming out of our ears but there is surprisingly few options when it comes to girl super heroes. That is why I was absolutely thrilled when Nerdy With Children contacted me and asked if we wanted to try some of their shirts. I want my girls to be able to play dress up as all of their favorite characters, not just the princesses.

The first thing we did when we got our Power Ranger shirts was to run out and buy matching leggings for them. After running around in the outfits for the day, we decided to make a pair of matching gloves for my older daughter. The gloves were so easy to pull together and are so much fun to wear with the shirt.

To make the gloves you will need: 

  • Long white children's gloves
  • a measuring tape
  • heat transfer in the color you desire
  • a iron

 Measure your gloves from the wrists to the end of the glove. My gloves were about 9 inches. You will want the diamonds to be a third of that length, so my diamonds are 3 inches long. I scaled the diamonds proportionally, so the width was a random number. I used my Cricut to cut out the diamonds from heat transfer, but they are such a simple say you could easily use a pair of scissors. Since the design is the same forwards or backwards, you don't even need to worry about mirroring the image for this heat transfer project.
 I placed the first diamond all the way to one side on the glove, about half a inch under the thumb and then ironed it on. I placed the second diamond close to the first but not touching. I only ironed the first half of it down and then wrapped the rest of it around the side of the glove and then ironed it down, Since you have to flip the project to iron the second part, make sure to not iron the second diamond to you ironing board! Add the third diamond on the back and you have some awesome gloves for saving the world!
 If you have spent much time on my site or Facebook page, you know that we love all things nerdy. Transformers, Power Rangers, He-Man, we have had to much fun introducing our childhood favorites to our kids. We have spent many hours looking for fun shirts and outfits for our kids that go along with out favorite fandoms only to come up empty. That is why I was SO excited to find Nerdy with Children who not only have fun shirts for kids but babies too. They have Power Rangers, Transformers and my personal favorite He-Man and She-Ra. My oldest brother is a huge He-Man fan and his wife flipped when she saw the shirt, I am pretty sure their little boy is going to have one soon.
We have been really impressed with the quality of vibrancy of the shirts and my kids love how soft they are. After we finished our photo shoot, I tried to take the shirts off of my kids and both refused. They love wearing them and they look absolutely adorable!
I love being able to get my kids excited about the things I loved when I was a kid. What is your favorite show from your childhood? 
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