Wednesday, June 17, 2015

8 Ways to Unplug With Your Kids

Unplugging is hard. My husband and I both work in social media and so our phones are constantly buzzing with things that need to be taken care of. As much as I love my smart phone and my ability to work anywhere, sometimes I wish we could take a step back from the time where everyone can reach us every second of the day. We have certain rules in place in our house, no phones at the dinner table and such, trying to give our family the much needed time away, but sometimes, it doesn't seem like enough. 

This last week, I decided I was going to unplug for the whole day. Nothing would go up on my pages except a few scheduled things, we would spend the whole day doing other things. We didn't do anything amazing. Some time at the splash pad, a million games of "War" with a deck of cards and laying on the grass in the shade. Nothing that will be remembered as the best day ever, but it was exactly what I needed, a recharge day to remind myself why I do what I do. A chance to play with the littles without a phone in my pocket. 

Normally I take a million pictures, that is just what I do, but on our unplugged day, I only took this one. I absolutely love this shirt from Creative Expressions, it reminds me that we all need to step away once in awhile. I have pulled together 8 awesome outdoor activities that I want to do with my girls this summer! This is our summer bucket list if you will! Check them out below. 
 Trike Car Wash by Apartment Therapy
 Giant Bubbles by Lindsay & Drew.
 Soccer Style Croquet by Inner Child Fun.
 Leak-Proof Water Blob by Homemade Toast.
 Giant Pick Up Sticks by Nellie Bellie.
 Sponge Bombs by Inner Child Fun.
 Water Balloon Pinata by Ziggity Zoom.
Summer Twister by Eucharisteo

How are you unplugging this summer?
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