Friday, July 24, 2015

House Elves and Baby Death Eaters (Kid Cosplay and Comic Con Tips)

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of baby Cosplay. Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings and I regularly get together, just to dress up our babies and take pictures. I also LOVE taking my baby to Comic Cons with me. So far it has been a really enjoyable experience to both cosplay with my baby and take her to cons. She has met Billie Piper, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Eve Myles and more! How many babies can say that? Here are my tips for dressing up your baby and taking them to a con with as little fuss as possible.
Cosplay Tips: Make sure you choose a costume that is comfortable. Itchy tags and lace will just make them irritable. Be aware of the temperature outside and in the con and don't dress them too warmly. You will also want to tailor your costume to your baby. Are you wearing a super scary mask that is going to make your child cry? Best skip it this time and wear it without your child. It might be a good time to talk about costumes and what is imaginary with your kids. You can make sure that you aren't in a scary costume, but you can't guarantee they won't see a scary costume while walking around. These darling costumes are from the Rae Gun Ramblings Etsy Shop. Find the House Elf Aprons here and the Slytherin Costumes here.
Panels: Sit near the edges or the back. This gives them a little bit of room to play and you can make a quick exit if you need to. Bring snacks and water. I have often found that the food available at cons isn't something my kids can or want to eat. Having snacks I know they love it a lot less stressful.
Pictures: The BEST part of taking your child to a con is watching their face light up when they see someone in full Cinderella Cosplay. People are usually so nice about taking pictures with kids. When I took my 6-year-old to the last con I attended, she took pictures with just about every Disney Princess and had a ball!
Bring distractions for lines: For me, the most miserable part of a con with a baby is waiting in line for panels and photo opps. It is a lot of standing in one place and the kids get antsy. Bring small new toys and snacks to entertain them, but nothing large enough that it can't be moved easy when the line moves. I love Tangle toys, Puffer Balls and water timers.
 Be Realistic: Pick the things that are most important to you and aim to get those done. You aren't going to get as much done with a baby in tow, so be realistic about what you can do. Taking short breaks to feed the baby and get her down for a nap was the best thing I did.
 Kids Areas: Most cons have a kid version, an area with color sheets and crafts so the kids have something fun to do.
Check the stroller policy: Does the con you are attending allow strollers? Not all do. I have used a stroller in the past and really liked having it as a place to for little ones to nap, but if I couldn't bring a stroller I would switch to a really awesome baby carrier instead.
Souvenirs: There are SO many things to buy at Cons. Give your child a budget and let them shop! They will have a blast. My older daughter came away with Lego Figures and a light saber from our last con!
Have you ever been to a Comic Con? Would you take a little one! I love it!
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