Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beautiful Chalk Designs Every Time!

When I search Pinterest for home decor ideas, the thing I see over and over again is amazing hand drawn chalkboard designs. I am always frustrated because while I am very artistic, my drawing ability has always left a lot to be desired. I want nothing more than to create gorgeous chalk boards designs that I can change out for each holiday. It is why I am so excited about Chalk Couture and their Kickstarter

Chalk Couture features LARGE chalkboards that are magnetic. They have all sorts of different magnets to celebrate the different holidays. The magnets are gorgeous are more like a work of art than a magnet. Did you watch the video? I want that little herb garden in my house. It is gorgeous! 

Here is what I love the most about Chalk Couture

1. The size! These chalkboards are huge! They are perfect for a family command station or really making a statement in your home. 
2. They are magnet. Talk about the perfect command center base! 

3. Chalk paste and the transfers! It allows you to make your chalkboard look like an artist drew it every time. I can't wait to try it! I love throwing parties and this would make a huge statement piece that is easily changed for each party! 

There are a lot of different frame options and size options, so you can make it really customized to your tastes. 
Head over to the Chalk Couture Kickstarter page to learn more and donate to get your chalkboard at a reduced price! 
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