Tuesday, November 24, 2015

You Can Never Have Too Many Guitars

I received a Sweetwater gift card as part of my relationship with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions expressed are my own.
There is just something about the guitar. The moment I saw my husband playing the guitar, I was sold. He could have proposed right then and I would have said yes. It is such a beautiful, swoon worthy instrument that I have fallen more and more in love with over the years. In the past 9 years, listening to my husband play his guitar almost daily has been one of my favorite things. While we were dating, he wrote and recorded a song for me, I listen to it often, especially when I am away on business trips of having a bad day. He has since written songs for our little girls, some silly and some sweet. I think their favorite song is the hurry up song that he plays when we are going to be late somewhere and they are still getting ready. 

Ever since we have had kids, one of the guitars in our house has found its home on the floor. We have always strongly believed the way to get kids interested in music, is to let them experience for themselves often from an early age. My husband just starting teaching our 7-year-old how to play the guitar and as you can see, she thinks she is quite the rocker all ready. 

Almost every person who has walked into our house has freaked out when their small children have touched the guitar and then had their mouth drop open in shock when we tell them that we don't mind if their kids play it, in fact we love it when they do. Even when there are cringe worthy musical moments from the kids, I am always glad we have guitars in our house. 
We have five guitars in our house. Two electrics, two acoustics and this gorgeous Fender CD-60CE - All Mahogany acoustic-electric. This gorgeous guitar was a dream come true in our house. My husband has always wanted an acoustic-electric because who doesn't want to be able to play louder? 

After a bad experience buying a guitar in high school, where he ended up with a defective guitar my husband is wary of who he purchases guitars from. We were both nervous to buy our next guitar online but Sweetwaters guarantees convinced us. The Sweetwater site is very easy to use and has a ton of information about each guitar. I happen to have my own guitar guru in my husband, but Sweetwater makes it possible for everyone to feel like they have their own guitar guru helping them purchase their guitar. After I placed the order, someone from Sweetwater actually called to see if I had any questions they could answer. They CALLED. Seriously, nobody does that anymore! 

Sweetwater offers free tech support on all purchases and a 2 year warranty on every guitar. Every guitar goes through a 55 point inspection. The inspection includes playability (stretching the strings and checking for playability), electronics (checking for a smoothless and noiseless operation), fit and finish (check the body and fingerboard), hardware and the case. They even tune the guitar before the ship it. I love knowing that I am getting a guitar that is guaranteed to be in perfect condition. It provides the peace of mind you need to buy a guitar online. I don't think I could purchase anywhere else but Sweetwater. 

This guitar sounds gorgeous both plugged in and played acoustically. My husband loves the on board tuner and clarity of each string allows for better picking while still having gorgeous chords. The cut away lets you do a more solo work than a typical guitar and honestly, it is just simply gorgeous. It has become a family favorite in a short amount of time and my 7-year-old is convinced we need to let her have it for Christmas. 

 My daughter loves this guitar and since I think we might need a smaller guitar while she grows into this one we will be shopping Sweetwater's Cyber Monday deals for the best one for her. I am so glad my little ones love music and the guitar especially. 
Check out Sweetwater's Cyber Monday deals this coming week to score the best deal for the musician or aspiring musician in your life!
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