Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Valentine's Day Mantel

 I finally have a mantel. I have wanted to say those things for years. When we were looking at houses this past summer, it was on my secret wish list. You know the wish list that won't make or break if you buy a house, but you really, really want? That was my mantel. I love having a mantel to decorate for each holiday now. Christmas was a really simple mantel, my entire little people nativity was spread across the top of it. For Valentine's day, I wanted something that was a little more elaborate.

 For this Mantel I Used: 

  • 2 Heart Bouquets (Find the tutorial here) 
  • 2 Wedding Pictures in acrylic frames
  • Red and Brown Burlap Ribbon 
  • Wooden X's and O's 
  • A chalkboard with all the places we have lived. (Find tutorial here) 

I am completely in love with these heart bouquets on either end of the mantel. They were so easy to make and I was able to pick up most of the key ingredients like the vases and the sand at the dollar store. You can read the entire tutorial here. 
This Chalkboard is probably one of my favorite projects of 2016 so far. It has so much meaning to my husband and I, highlighting all of the important places that have truly made us a family. It was really easy to make and I had all the supplies on hand already. Find the entire tutorial here. 

 I love having wedding pictures out as part of my Valentine's Day decorations. My aunt used to do it and I love the look and the sentiment. I wanted the pictures to really pop and be the focus, not a frame, so I picked up cheap acrylic frames that have a little stand on them. that way there is only picture, and nothing distracting.

I twisted the burlap ribbon together and then laid it across the top of the mantel. The chalkboard maps in the center with heart bouquets on each side. The pictures went next to the bouquets and then I had this weird empty space. I tried smaller pictures there and little marquee letters, but nothing look quite right. While wandering the craft store looking for a solution, I stumbled on the wooden letter aisle and picked up the X's and O's. I brought them home and painted them they were just the perfect touch. I love having a large one of each and a small one.
 The whole thing came together perfectly! I have a large antique window hanging on my wall that I need to pull down for another Disney Gallery Wall and I might add it behind the chalkboard to give it some more height. I love the red, white and pink and this mantel makes me happy every time I look at it!
Do you decorate your mantel for Valentine's Day?
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